Electricity and automation

Alphatrade Group activity consists in testing, designing, realizing, installing and starting at the customer's site devices within the scope of Electricity and Automation, applicable in the following industrial branches:

  • Agricultural and food industry
  • Motor industry
  • Heating industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Water and environmental protection
  • Railway industry
  • Steel industry

Designs and documentation:

  • Functional analysis and / or risk assessment
  • Wiring diagram ( AutoCAD, Xelec, ePLAN,…)
  • Automatic display programme (Schneider Electric, Siemens Pro-face, Pilz, …)
  • Control programme (partner with PcVue approval)
  • Speed change (all types)


  • Assembly, self-service and other test and research stands
  • All types of devices and production means
  • Conveyor loop
  • Cabinet, box and panel with control automatic machine and management system
  • Compressor and cooling water circulation management
  • Solvent production unit (speed change of mixers)
  • Control programme
  • Mobile platform-lift for personnel (PEMP)