Industrial constructions

Having a long-term experience and specialist knowledge in the field of the industrial constructions, the Alphatrade Group's employees provide professional services according to the needs of every customer, satisfying the most excessive requirements in relation to the design and execution of mechanical parts and assemblies of industrial devices.

The Alphatrade Group activity is based first of all on an analysis of specific needs of every customer to satisfy them in an optimal way by means of appropriate technologies and processes.

This affects an offer of services of high quality and advanced technology, required to execute even the most complex parts and assemblies of devices.


  • Small and large parts for machines made against unit or serial order
  • The execution of designs of assemblies of devices and their realization
  • Automatic welding
  • Installation and repairs at the site
  • Maintenance and repairs of industrial assemblies
  • Other industrial services

Some examples of application:

  • Mechanical parts used in the steel industry
  • Sheet metal works (viaduct in Millau, footbridge in Limerick)
  • Metallic construction for the buildings made of metal (Eiffel Group…)
  • Specialist machines
  • Specific spare parts for cars/trucks