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Natural rubber LinaCrepe Std, LinaCrepe HM, LinaCrepe FG.
Silica-strengthened natural rubber: LinaCrepe 60

Just as Linatex, LinaCrepe is produced on the base of Latex in a mixing process in a liquid phase and as opposed to other methods it does not cause any mechanical disturbances of molecular structure of ready rubber.

LinaCrepe surface is rough what means that a nerve of rubber (its elasticity degree) is not disturbed in the production process. Proper vulcanization ensures it smooth surface.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High friction coefficient (after machining)
  • Very high impact strength
  • Made without end (no slanted cuts)


  • Linings of driving drums
  • Lining of driving belts
  • Linings of rollers
  • Moulders