« Rubber composition causes that it is resistant to activity of oily substances and abrasion. »

Silica-strengthened nitrile-based vulcanized rubber (NBR)

Natural rubber has a good abrasion resistance but it cannot be mixed with hydrocarbons and other chemical products. Synthetic materials tolerate the presence of these products but their abrasion resistance decreases.

Therefore Linatrile is produced on the base of Linatex: rubber mix of special composition that ensures the highest abrasion resistance.


  • Excellent resistance to crude oil and vegetable oils, greases, aliphatic esolvents and other chemicals.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperature, thermal ageing and material fatigue.
  • High wear resistance
  • Good degree of gas impenetrability


  • Lining of gutters and pipelines
  • Lining of mixing drums (chemical industry / chemical fertilizers)
  • All applications where crude-oil-based reagents are used