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Since its foundation in 1997 Alphatrade Group has based an offer of its products and services on two assumptions: to be open to the needs and requirements of the customers and to satisfy them in a professional way, offering the highest quality products.

Under the leadership of Mr. Alain Nani, a founder and manager of Alphatrade Group its operation concentrates on numerous specific forms of activities directed to the customers from two sectors:


Industry section:

Mechanics, Rail technology, Inventory management and handling activities, Industrial rubber, Industrial supplies


Wide range of customers:

Ecological heating system


Regardless of the environment complexity in which Alphatrade Group runs its activity, experience and abilities of its employees assure every customer the highest level of performance, both in the technological and economic respect.

Regardless of the field in which Alphatrade Group operates, it always puts effectiveness first: effectiveness of employees with regard to their experience and abilities, effectiveness of products with regard to their innovative character and price, effectiveness of services with regard to their quality and adjustment to the customer's needs.

"ALPHATRADE, we satisfy your needs with passion"


Alphatrade Group S.A.

  • 100 employees
  • sales value 22 million Euro

142 Industrial Zone Schéleck 1
L 3225 Bettembourg
Phone +352 52 16 12 10
Fax. +352 52 16 24
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